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InSynch Energy Services Commercial Anti-Scale Systems

Removes existing limescale, improves energy efficiency by up to 30%


Protects against rust & corrosion

Lower carbon footprint

Environmentally friendly alternative to salt water softeners, chemicals, metal alloys or magnets.

Reduction in repairs & renewals and maintenance and cleaning costs

Easy to install

Improves energy efficiency, lowers energy consumption

What Can I Expect To Save? 

Typically your electricity consumption will be reduced by at least 10% but savings as high as 19% are possible!

What Industries Is InSynch Energy Services Voltage Optimisation Suitable For?

The commercial Three Phase Voltage Optimisers offered by InSynch Energy Services are suitable for any building that has a three phrase electricity supply. Here’s a breakdown of industries where these optimisers can be effectively employed:

Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs:

Businesses in the hospitality sector can benefit from savings on lighting, kitchen appliances, front-of-house equipment, and accommodation areas.

Office & Retail:

Offices and retail spaces can optimise their lighting, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air-conditioning equipment to reduce energy consumption.

Healthcare & Beauty:

Dentists, GP’s, vets, gyms, spas, and hairdressers can save on tools, lighting, pumps, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.

Industrial, Manufacturing & Engineering:

Manufacturing and industrial facilities can realise savings on lighting, machinery, motors, pumps, fans, air compressors, and tools.

In essence, InSynch Energy Services voltage optimisation is versatile and suitable for most commercial and light industrial applications with three-phase electricity supplies. It’s designed to help businesses across various sectors reduce their electricity consumption, lower costs, and minimise their carbon footprint.