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Gas Fuel Optimisation

At InSynch Energy Services, we’re all about making fossil fuels cleaner and more efficient. Our Fuel Optimiser technology may help you save energy, cut costs, and reduce emissions. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while boosting your savings.

Why Choose InSynch for Gas Fuel Optimisation?

The benefits of choosing us

Proven Results:

We’ve got a track record of impressive savings and emissions reductions.

Comprehensive Solutions:

We serve various sectors like industry, business, and public sector.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

We aim to make gas combustion more efficient, saving you energy and money.


We aim to help reduce carbon monoxide emissions for a cleaner planet.

Fossil fuels, which include natural gas, propane and oil, are used to produce roughly 85% of all the energy we consume. However, they are non-renewable resources that produce 21.3 billion tons of emissions a year. Nearly half of that cannot be absorbed by nature, therefore this now becomes one of the leading cause of global warming. Despite all the renewed talk of helping the environment and stopping the Earth’s temperature from rising further, the Fuel Optimiser improves the combustion of fossil fuels for commercial and residential systems and appliances.

What is Gas Fuel Optimisation?

Gas Fuel Optimisation means getting the most out of fuels like propane and natural gas. These fuels have two types of hydrogen, Ortho and Para, in a certain ratio. Our AFER System targets Para-Hydrogen and turns it into Ortho-Hydrogen molecules. This makes combustion more efficient, leading to hotter, cleaner burning fuel. The result? Energy savings, cost reduction, and less carbon monoxide emissions.

We have a unique approach to reducing carbon based fuels by focussing on the fuels before consumed. This not only significantly reduces emissions from the consumed fuels but also increases the efficiency and economy of resources. 

Real-World Results

Below are some examples of success:

US Air Force (Building):

Saved 13.6% on energy costs every year.

US Air Force (Accommodation):

Achieved 12% annual energy savings.

Bourbon Distillery (Operations):

Cut energy expenses by 19.8%.

Louisville Residential Block:

Reduced energy costs by 10.1%.

Charleston Residential Block:

Lowered energy expenses by 17.3%.

Pizza/Food Establishments:

Saved between 11% and 23%.

Bespoke Gas Fuel Optimisation

Installation Process:

  • Client provides copy of previous years bills
  • Visit to carry out a survey
  • Make proposal, if accepted, return to install equipment

Fuel Applicability:

  • Natural Gas      • Propane     • Gasoline      • Diesel

The equipment will reduce hydrocarbon emissions, carbon monoxide emissions and nitrogen oxide emissions and can reduce fuel usage.

Collected Data:

  • Reduction in hydrocarbon emissions
  • Reduction in carbon monoxide emissions
  • Reduction in nitrogen oxide
  • Reduction in fuel usage

Our Process